Pixie Academy

A magical pixie workshop


Let’s get magical

Pixie Academy

A four week workshop for children aged three-nine years.

The Fae community need your help!

Once a year in the magical world of pixies and fairies lots of new babies are born. These babies need some wonderful humans to adopt them and look after them, Can you help? All humans that adopt a baby can come to Pixie Academy and learn how to be a real fairy pixie! 

  • Learn to walk, skip and fly like a pixie during our pixie dance classes.

  • Create your very own magical wand.

  • Decorate your very own scrummy fairy cakes.

  • Decorate a beautiful pixie headdress.

  • Create some magical pixie dust.

  • Read some magical fae stories.

  • Decorate your very own pixie tutu.

  • Create your very own magical pixie garden so your pixie baby can come and visit. 

  • Adopt a baby pixie and learn how to take care of it.

  • Gain a pixie adoption certificate and name your new pixie baby.

  • Pledge to take care of your pixie by signing with your fingerprint.

  • Send your pixie teeny tiny letters.

  • Graduate from Pixie Academy and earn your pixie wings.

  • Photo shoot to capture those special memories.

Each weekly session last 2 hours and costs just £15 per week!

Everything made and decorated at Pixie Academy will be brought home for you to continue to enjoy! 

Pixie Academy only opens once a year in the summer when all the new baby pixies are born. Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity there are limited spaces available and they fill up fast!

Sign up your budding pixie today to begin your magical pixie journey!  

 Early bird discount £55 for the 4 weeks.

Fun Fact

Did you know the words “fairy” & "pixie"derive from “Fair Folk” which refers to any member of the “Fae” races.

As such there are exclusively male Fae, exclusively female Fae, and Fae of mixed gender, or no gender.

So Pixie Academy is not just for girls, boys are most definitely welcome too!


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