Studio Etiquette

Rules & Regulations

It is very important that all students and parents alike follow the studio etiquette. This ensures all our students are safe and that all classes run smoothly and on time.


What to wear


It is very important that all students wear correct uniform to class. Wearing correct uniform ensures our students are safe whilst dancing.

Dress smart, dance smart!

All uniform must be purchased through KDS to ensure all our dancers appear consistent.  We have a very good deal with a wholesale company so you will not be paying a premium. 

New dancers are not required to purchase uniform until they have been attending for 10 weeks. However, it is very important that clothing is suitable. Jeans are not permitted in the studio! Please wear items such as leggings (joggers for boys) or shorts with a tshirt and bare feet. Socks/tights are not permitted incase of slippping and outdoor shoes are not permitted on our mats which are used in every class. 


It must be neat

It is very important that hair is tied back neatly. Long hair down is unsafe! We will not be held responsible for students hair being stood on or caught . All students must have their hair either in a classical bun or braided bun. Pony tails and plaits can still get in the way. during skills such as handstands, headstands, bridges and cartwheels. Students with particularly short hair must wear a soft hairband to keep hair out of their eyes! 

Absolutely no jewelry is to be worn in class this includes watches and fitbands. Those with newly pierced ears must have them taped.

Class Times

Be Prompt

Our class times vary from 30 mins to 1.5hrs. We allow 5mins at the start to take payment or answer any questions.


It is very important that students arrive at least 5mins before class to get changed and to focus. Children that are rushing in to class late will not be focused throughout lesson as they will feel stressed.


All students must warm up this is done at the start of each class with exception to graded ballet where students must arrive 10mins early to warm-up with one of our student assistants.


Students that arrive late. please enter the studio in a quiet and calm manner and find a spot in the corner to warm yourself up. 

Parents with lot's of questions: If you think that your questions will take more than 5mins to be answered please send us an email so we can get on with our classes

To see our timetable please click here


Cash or Card?

There are a number of payment options to chose from.


Pay as you Dance: Payd customers are welcome to pay cash at the start of their class or transfer using online banking. Card payments are not accepted under the amount of £5.


Weekly: If your child attends more than one class you are welcome to pay these weekly via cash, card or online banking. 


Monthly: If it is easier for you monthly payments can be scheduled. Payments must be paid in advance. You can do this via cash, card or online banking. 


10 weeks:  We offer 10% discount to those who pay for 10 classes or more upfront. This can be paid via cash, card or online banking.

No refunds will be given for prepaid classes we will however hold any payment as credit for any classes for one year!


KDS bank details for online banking:

Keely-Anna's Dance

sort code 30-92-15

account 01471802

Lloyds bank

Please ref child's full name

We do not accept cheques.


Missed classes

It is very important that all students have good attendance. During every class we are constantly working on new skills and show pieces. Missed classes can cause the whole group to fall behind. 

If your child is too ill to attend or is contagious please keep them at home to rest. If you let me know by 12 noon you will not be charged. 

Students that are injured or well enough to attend but not join in are required to observe and take notes. Under absolutely no circumstances are students permitted to dance on an injury especially whilst taking painkillers. We will not be held responsible for students causing more damage to an injury that we are unaware of! 

School trips and holidays. You must let KDS know as soon as you receive dates for school trips and holidays. On the day is not acceptable. When a number of children are away on school trips KDS can rearrange or cancel classes as necessary! Please do not assume that we will know which children are on the school trip it is the responsibility for each parent/guardian to let us know! 

If we are not informed by 12 noon you will be charged for your missed class! Simply send us a text by noon to avoid this charge.

As our classes have limited spaces and quite often have waiting lists students who miss more than 3 classes in a row without notifying us will automatically be removed and your space may be filled. Please ensure you keep us up to date to ensure your place is saved.

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