Exam Options

Interested in a particular exam or assessment? Check the list below to make sure your child attends the correct class! If you child does not attend a class but you are interested in starting please do get in touch! 


Diamond Dance Awards 

Mini classes (Mini Beatz, Mini Tap Beatz, AcroTots)


Our mini classes have 3 levels which are categorised by animals:


Lion - Yellow

Fox - Orange

Frog - Green (Emerald Award)


All our other classes are categorised by numbers

Lilac - Acro, Beatz, Tap, Musical Theatre

Level 1 - Red

Level 2 - Orange

Level 3 - Yellow (Sapphire Award)


Purple - Acro, Beatz, Tap, Musical Theatre

Level 4 - Teal

Level 5 - Pink

Level 6 - Purple (Topaz Award)


Fushia -  Acro, Beatz, Tap, Musical Theatre

Level 7 - Green

Level 8 - Navy

;Level 9 - Burgundy (Ruby Award)


Silver - Acro, Beatz, Tap, Musical Theatre

Level 10 - Bronze

Level 11 - Silver

Level 12 - Gold (Diamond Award)


Due to age requirements for RAD exams our ballet classes are slightly different 

Pre-Primary will follow Lion and Fox

Primary will follow Frog, level 1 and 2

Lilac-Fushia continue through levels 3-12

Royal Academy of Dance Ballet Exams - Minimum age 7 years

Lilac Grade 1-3 Ballet

Purple Grade 4-6 Ballet

Fushia Grade 7-8 and vocational Ballet 

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