Please see below a list of our frequently asked questions.

How much are your classes and do you offer free taster sessions?

You will find the cost of each class at the bottom of each studio page. For example if you are interested in our ballet classes click the dance studio tab and then ballet studio. Scroll down to find the maps and the prices are listed next to each class. All our classes are Pay as you dance with no commitments therefore we do not offer free trials. 

How do I book on to a class?


To book on to any of our classes please head to our booking page or drop us an email. Please note we are unable to book classes via text message and please beaware we are unable to answer the phone during class times or out of office hours which are week days 09:00-21:00 and Saturdays 09:00-noon. If you require a call back please either leave a message on our answer phone or drop us a text.


Do parents stay and watch?

Parents are encouraged to wait in our waiting rooms during class time. This ensures all our students are focused on our teachers and not distracted. With young new starters that are a little shy we encourage parent participation for the first couple of weeks to ensure a smooth transition. 

What if my child needs the toilet during class?

During our preschool classes we ask that parents stay in the building at all times to help with toilet runs. For all our other classes we expect all students to have used the facilities before class. If they should need to use them again during class. the studio door will be held open so that the teacher can see both the toilet and the students at all times. If you do not trust your child then you will be required to stay in the building during class times. 

My child is in the middle of potty training how does this work?

For children in the middle of potty training we ask parents to be in the building at all times. We will listen out for que words or actions and ask every 10mins if the student needs the toilet. If there is an accident the parent / guardian will be required to clean up so that our class can still run smoothly. Please bring a spare set of clothes just in case.

Does my child have to participate in examinations?

No, examinations are offered to all students as and when they are ready. If your child does not wish to participate they will still be offered the chance to move up a level with their peers. We will never pressure any student to participate.

What should my child wear to class?

We have a set uniform for our classes however you do not need to purchase it until you have attended 10 classes. In the mean time your child can wear comfortable clothing such as leggings and a t-shirt with bare feet or trainers for tap. Hair must be up neatly in a bun and all jewellery removed including earrings. If your child’s ears are recently pierced then tap must be worn in class for safety.


My child is unwell what do I need to do?


If your child is unwell and unable to attend class please let us know as soon as possible. We have limited spaces in our classes and your child is lucky enough to fill one. We have teachers and hall hire to pay regardless of who turns up to class. We understand that children can become ill therefore we allow a window of opportunity for you to let us know with no charge that gives us enough time to cancel classes if necessary.  If you let us know by noon on the day then you will not be charged for your class. All notices after noon or no shows will be charged full price. If you child has a prearranged appointment or school trip we ask that you notify us as soon as possible so we can rearrange classes if necessary. On the day or the day before is not acceptable notice as we will not have enough time to rearrange and therefore you will be charged!


Where can I purchase the correct uniform?


All our uniform must be purchased through KDS to ensure it is of good quality and correct. We are in partnership with a number of reputable companies and can get our uniform at affordable wholesale prices. Please head over to our online shop.


My child is older and interested in joining but has never danced before is this ok?


We love to take on dancers with no experience and will nurture and inspire a passion of dance. All new students will be placed in the class with other children their age and will be welcomed as part of our dancing family.


Do you offer classes for boys?


Yes, we welcome boys in to all our classes. Unfortunately dance isn’t the most popular choice for boys but we are lucky enough to have a few that attend our classes. Currently we have boys in our Mini, Lilac and Junior Beatz classes and musical theatre classes on Friday’s in Markfield as well as our lilac and Purple Acrodance classes on Saturday’s in Bagworth and proudly in our purple Ballet classes on Tuesday’s in Markfield. We would love to hear from some more boys so if you have a son interested in dance please get in touch!


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