Murder on the Dance Floor

September 28th & 29th 2018

Groby College, Brookvale Groby Learning Campus, Ratby Road, Groby, Leicester, LE6 0FP

Dress rehearsal is Sunday 16th September and spans from 10am-6pm. All helpers to arrive at 10am and dancers are to arrive at 11am we will do a complete run through of the first half and then baby pink groups may leave (Mini beatz, Mini tap beatz, Pre-primary and Primary ballet and Acrotots) - remember baby pink dancers CANNOT be left alone! I am estimating baby pinks will be ready to leave at 1pm but keep in mind we may run over so better to say 2pm! We will have a lunch break and then a complete run through of the 2nd half will begin. Remaining dancers to be picked up at 6pm.

Friday 28th performance starts at 6pm All dancers to arrive by 5.30pm 

Saturday 29th Performance starts 1:30pm All dancers to arrive by 1pm 

Helpers we would appreciate it if you could ALL attend the dress rehearsal so that you know exactly what to do on the day you are helping. 

Terms and conditions for the performance of Murder on the Dance Floor. Please read through these carefully. By signing the consent form you acknowledge you have read and accept the terms and conditions outlined below.



1)         If your child is unable to perform you MUST let Miss Keely-Anna know by the 9th June after which your invoice will still be charged.

2)         Costume invoices are due no later than the 30th June in order for all costumes to be purchased and arrive in time. Failure to pay by the 30th of June could result in your child not having a costume and therefore unable to perform.

3)         The early bird package is for the complete package deal only and must be paid by midnight on the 9th June.

4)         Once the invoice has been paid no refunds will be issued should your child not be able to perform.

5)         Payments can be made with cash or via online banking, cheques will not be accepted. Please avoid card payments where possible to ensure our classes still run smoothly. Cash payments: please provide exact cost in a clearly labelled envelope. Online banking: details can be found on your invoice.  Please fill the consent form with the following details:

Child’s name, amount paid, name of account you have paid from, date of payment. This way we can follow and keep track of all payments made.


1)            All children performing will need either an exception or performance license. These forms will be issued soon and MUST be returned by 4th August.

2)            If your child has performed on stage or taken part in modelling in the 6 months prior to our performance of Murder on the Dance Floor a performance licence may be required please let Miss Keely-Anna know by 14th of July in case extra chaperones are needed.

Watching and changing your child

1)            If your child is under the age of 5 years old a parent or legal guardian ONLY must watch and change your child for each performance. If you need a chaperone you must let Miss Keely-Anna know by the 14th July. By signing the consent form you understand that no family or friends are permitted to watch and change your child.

2)            All helpers must be DBS checked. If your are available to help but are not DBS checked please let Miss Keely-Anna know by 14th July so we can get a check organised.

3)            We will need a certain amount of chaperone licensed helpers if you already have a license please let Miss Keely-Anna know as soon as possible.

4)             Male helpers for the under 5s will not be allowed in the main changing area with the older girls. All male helpers will be grouped together with their child in a separate changing room.  

Filming and photography

1)         The performance of Murder on the Dance Floor will be filmed and photographed. Clips of the dvd and some pictures may be used on social media. By signing the consent form you agree for your child to be filmed and photographed during the performances.

The costume hire

1)         This covers the cost to hire a complete costume for your child with the exclusion of shoes, tights and socks of which your child should already own for classes. Please ensure your child has the correct shoes (laced jazz shoes are NOT permitted) and tights are free from holes. The hire also includes the washing and maintenance of our costumes after our performance.

2)         Costumes are not permitted to be taken home under any circumstances.

Performances and dress rehearsal

1)         All dancers must attend the dress rehearsal and both performances and bring with them a large box which is named with their first name and last name initial ONLY.

2)         This box must contain:

                * All their shoes,

                * A fun activity such as colouring, books, knitting

                * Spare bun nets, grips and pins and a hair brush.

                * Healthy snacks such as dried fruit, crackers, cereal bars, veg sticks.

                * Plenty of water

                * A onesie or dressing gown to cover their costumes.

3)            Under no circumstances can food that is stainable be brought in to the changing room.    This includes foods such as chocolate, cake, chocolate biscuits, juicy fruits, tomatoes, yogurts or orange crisps.  No fruit juice or fizzy drinks.

4)            Electronic or expensive personal items are brought in at your own risk. We strongly advise you leave

such items at home and will not be held responsible if these go missing.

5)         Children are not permitted to leave the changing rooms during the performance or interval and parents are not permitted to enter the changing rooms. Should you need your child in the event of an emergency Miss Keely-Anna must be contacted to give consent for your child to leave.


2 tickets per family will be allocated. You may chose to use these for either performance  and must be purchased by 25th august after which they will go on sale. Spare tickets will be sold on a first come first serve basis and will go on sale from 1st July. If you should no longer need your tickets no refunds will be given however we will try our best to resell them for you.


Our performance of Murder on the Dance Floor will be filmed on the 29th September. We MUST sell a minimum of 50 dvds for this to go ahead. Therefore all dvds must be purchased in advanced and payment must be made by 25th August. Should we not receive enough sales then all dvd payments will be refunded. If we reach out goal by 25th August then DVDs will continue to be on sale up until 30th September. Due to the minimum dvd order we will not be able to offer any refunds however we will try to resell if we can.


The KDS gift will be given free of charge to all those who purchase the early bird deal. Gifts MUST be purchased by the 16th September and all dancers MUST purchase one. We have chosen to keep the gift as a surprise for our dancers this year to add a little bit of extra sparkle to the performance.  


All girls MUST have their hair up in the correct style when they arrive. We will supply a how to video soon. Once the video is ready please practice before hand and show Miss Keely-Anna so she can help if there are any issues.

Under 5s and the Interval


Under 5s Will be allowed to leave during the interval. If you are watching the performance we would love for you to stay and support our older dancers especially during the Saturday performance. 

Is my child ready?

If your child is new to KDS and under 5 please do not worry our performances are a fantastic opportunity to boost confidence and for dancers to sparkle. It is a very enjoyable experience for all and a wonderful memory. We have children as young as 2 performing and often surprise parents with their smiles, skills and confidence. Children love dressing up in their costumes and showing their family everything they have been learning. If a child is feeling anxious we will support them as much as possible but will never force a child to participate. 


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