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Join us at Keely-Anna's Dance Studio and take part in our spectacular showcases. Every year we push the limits and produce a phenomenal performance like no other. With our fantastic script writer, amazing scenery makers, wonderful dress makers, and creative choreographer our showcases take the audience by storm.  

Competitions and festivals do not compare to the astounding community experience our students gain from these performances. Students are able to work as a team, support each other, shine and sparkle on stage and truly enjoy the magical world of dance and theatre.

Our students love to perform at our annual performances it is such a thrilling experience to be up on the big stage. Every single student aged 2yrs+ has the opportunity to perform! Dates are provide with plenty of advanced notice to ensure all our students are available on the big day.  

This year we are working on our murder mystery, cluedo inspired performance of Murder on the Dance Floor. 

The audience will meet the old Cluedo characters who have joined together in memory of the fantastic game. Unfortunately during the performance a member of the cluedo team is murdered in cold blood, but who is the culprit?

It will be the task of the audience to uncover the clues, read between the dances and bring the killer in to the spotlight. For the first time our Musical Theatre Students will present the evidence within a professionally filmed narration. We will be taking our students to an amazing manor house where they will dress in character and act on a professional filming set.  Lights! Camera! Action! 


Terms and conditions for the 2018 performance can be found here 

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