Terms and conditions (Child)

Please read through these carefully and don't forget to check out our studio etiquette page too!


Studio etiquette:

  • All students must attend class in correct uniform with hair tied up neatly and all jewellery removed.

  • We will not tolerate bullying or unsocial behaviour within our studio. Should you or your child display unsocial or threatening behaviour you will be asked to leave immediately. 

  • We will not be held responsible for your child out of class times. Please do not drop them off early unless you trust your child to be on their own and ensure they are picked up on time. 

  • During class, children are expected to listen and we discourage unnecessary talking. If a child is causing disruption, they will be asked to leave their lesson.

  • It is important to drink fluids at regular intervals during physical exercise, please pack water for your child - Fizzy drinks are NOT permitted in the studio.


Sickness and Injury

  • If your child has a sickness bug they must not attend class until 48hrs after the last sickness has occurred. 

  • KDS must be informed of all injuries, we will not be held responsible for further injuries. 


  • Yes we do offer pay as you dance however we do expect respect and courtesy. KDS must be informed by 12 noon on the day if you or your child is absent, failure to do so will result in a full class charge.

  • Payment must be made before or the day of your class with 9pm being the latest. Missed payments could result in you or your child being dismissed from KDS.

  • Block payments: Whether you opt for weekly, monthly or termly payments MUST always be paid in advance.

  • Please make sure you inform us if you decide to withdraw your child from any class. 

  • Should you miss more than 3 consecutive classes with no notice you will be withdrawn from the register and risk losing your place to someone on our waiting list.

  • Keely-Anna's Dance Studio reserves the right to change fees or timetable without prior notice. However, we will endeavour to inform parents and carers of any changes as soon as possible.

Uniform purchases

  • Personalised uniform is NON-refundable.

  • Uniform will not be processed until payment is made.

  • We advise 10 weeks of classes before you need to purchase uniform should you decide to purchase this sooner but then withdraw these items will be non-refundable.  


  • All our performances are photographed and videoed if you opt out of photography please ensure you set up a meeting with Miss Keely-Anna to discuss this.

  • When it comes to performances your child's costumes will not be ordered until your costume hire invoice has been paid. Once your child's costumes are ordered no refunds will be given should you withdraw your child from the performance. 

  • When we perform at events we will not take responsibility for students you must ensure there is an adult present with your child at all times

  • We will assume all students will be taking part in our annual performances. You must let us know straight away if your child will not be participating so choreography can be adjusted where necessary.

  • Our annual performances are fundamental to how we run our studio. Our students work very hard each and every week to create a phenomenal masterpiece. It is important that everyone understands how important commitment is. You should all remember that should you withdraw your child close to a performance that you will be punishing the entire class. Where possible we implore you to carry through your commitment to the performance and should you wish to withdraw to do so after the performance is finished. 

  • Our performance dates vary each year and are never guaranteed to be at the same time each year. We will always give plenty of notice so you can ensure you and are child are available. We wil not be bullied or pushed in to securing a date this will be chosen by the team only.

Physical contact

  • Physical contact maybe necessary when helping to demonstrate or correct especially spotting in Acro classes.


Keeping up to date

  • It is the responsibility of parents and carers to keep themselves up to date on news. All important information can be found in our parent facebook group if you do not have facebook please ensure you inform us and keep your contact details up to date.



  • KDS does not accept the responsibility for items lost or stolen although anything we do find will be placed in lost property.

  • Parents and Carers are not permitted to watch classes unless you are a new member and have permission by the teacher. 

  • All questions must be direct to Miss Keely-Anna. If approached all our teachers will direct you to Miss Keely-Anna.

  • Students are not permitted to attend another studio unless you have direct permission from Miss Keely-Anna. Attending more than one studio is not only a conflict of interest but can cause confusion for students when corrections and teaching styles do not blend. Should you wish to attend another studio for a dance style we do not offer please do get in touch to discuss.

Social Media

  • We have a facebook page which you can use for communication as well as our private parent page and Miss Keely-Anna also has a facebook account. None of the KDS faculty will accept friend requests from parents or students on to their personal accounts.

  • Our older students quite often have whatsapp and Instagram group accounts where they can upload practice videos and talk all things dance. Please be aware should you let your child participate that it is a non-monitored forum. 

  • We will not tolerate any unsocial behaviour on social networking. Should it come to our attention that you or your child are slandering the studio, any of our teachers or our students you will be asked to remove it and make a public apology. Should you refuse you will be dismissed and a cease and desist letter will be issued.

  • We our very proud of our studio however if you ever feel dissatisfied please do talk to us. We cannot fix things we are unaware of. If you decide to withdraw your child for any reason please do drop us a message to let us know why. We treat all our students as one big family and it is very disheartening when we do not know reasons behind a withdrawal. 


Our Venues

We provide classes at the following venues.

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Main Studio

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Studio 2

Anstey St Mary's Church Rooms

Church Lane, Anstey,

Keely-Anna's Dance Studio

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Main Studio : Markfield Community and Sports Centre, Mayflower Close, Markfield, LE67 9ST

Studio 2:  Anstey St Mary's Church Rooms, Church Lane, Anstey, LE7 7AF

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