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Our class colours

To make it easy to find classes suitable for your budding dancer we have categorised our groups by colour. 

Baby Pink - Age 2-5yrs 

Lilac - School years 1-3

Purple - School years 4-6

Fushia - School years 7-9

Silver - School years 10+

All of our classes listed below are in the Baby pink group. Ballet has been split further with Pre-Primary Ballet suitable for age 2-4yrs and Primary Ballet suitable for children who have started school up to the age of 6yrs.


Pre-Primary Ballet

Get Up & Move

This class is a favorite among many of our students. Everyone loves the opportunity to explore grace and elegance.


  • Aimed at children from aged two-four years.

  • A fun and interactive program for mini ballerinas.

  • Gain confidence.

  • Delve in to the heart of imagination and creativity.

  • Play with props such as ribbons, pompoms and feathers.

Twirl along to Pre-primary ballet today to inspire your mini ballerina!

Baby ballet
Primary Ballet

Primary Ballet

Jump Up & Twirl


  • Aimed for children who have started school up to six years.

  • An exciting class where students will begin to explore the true foundations of ballet.

  • Posture, grace and control will all flourish.

  • Improve confidence and creativity through dance.

  • Students will stretch, flex, spring and twirl their way down the path of imagination.

Sign up your twinkling princess today to begin their dancing journey.

Mini Tap Beatz

Stomp & Groove

This loud and electric class for children aged two-five years is perfect for little munchkins who revel in noise.


  • Students can bang, tap, stomp and clap to their hearts content.

  • Students will enjoy a taster of tap and jazz

  • Explore rhythm and style.

  • Gain confidence.

  • Bounce like a frog, roll like a log, balance like a flamingo.

  • Explore and develop balance, co-ordination and motor skills.

  • Giggle and play with new friends.

Stomp along to a class this week and ignite a spark in your child for this rhythmic style.

Primary Tap
Mini Beatz street dance

Mini Beatz

Let’s Do It

This is a fantastic introductory class for all styles of dance.


  • Aimed for children aged two-five years.

  • Creativity, imagination and confidence are all encouraged.

  • Children can enjoy a taster of either jazz and ballet or jazz and musical theatre.

  • Bounce like a frog, roll like a log, balance like a flamingo.

  • Explore and develop balance, co-ordination and motor skills.

  • Giggle and play with new friends.

Sign up today and introduce your child to the world of dance!


Let's roll


  • Aimed at children aged two-five years.

  • Inspire confidence and flexibility.

  • Students will roll like a log, jump like a frog and bend like a snake.

  • Led by a fully qualified Acrobatic Arts Instructor you can feel assured that your little bendy tot will be learning in a safe environment.

  • Explore and develop balance, co-ordination and motor skills.

  • Learn to forward roll, cartwheel and balance on your head.

Roll your way to a class this week and watch your little one's confidence soar!

AcroTots gym classes

Our Venues

Our under 5s classes are available at the following venues

Markfield Community Centre

Mayflower Close, Markfield, LE67 9ST

Pre-Primary Ballet | Tuesday's | 15:00-15:45pm | £3.00


Primary Ballet | Tuesday's | 15:45-16:30pm | £3.00


Mini Tap Beatz | Thursday's | 15:45-16:30pm | £3.00


Mini Beatz | Friday's | 15:45-16:30pm | £3.00

AcroTots | Saturday's | 9:00-9:45am | £3.50

Anstey St Mary's Church Rooms

Church Lane, Anstey LE7 7AF

Mini Beatz | Wednesday's | 15:45-16:30pm | £3.00


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